Travel with Florastor® Daily Probiotics

Florastor® is the perfect daily probiotic for travel. Florastor doesn’t require refrigeration, has a three-year shelf life, and comes in convenient vegetable capsules that are easy to take wherever you go.

Maintain Digestive Health
During Your Travels

Whether you plan to relax at the beach or hit the slopes, Florastor supports healthy digestive balance to help you avoid the occasional digestive upset which can interfere with your vacation.†1,15 Florastor helps break down undigested carbs and sugar, while also helping your body to absorb water and nutrients—two important functions, especially when enjoying the local cuisine.†5,6

Support Immune Health Before You Travel

In addition to strengthening your digestive balance, Florastor also supports a healthy immune system.†2 A strong digestive balance supports immune health because over 70% of the immune system is in the digestive tract. Florastor also stimulates the production of IgA, the primary antibody in the digestive system that helps fight infection.†2 Try FlorastorPlus to help maximize immune health before you travel.

Make Florastor Probiotics Your Travel Companion

Travel and stress can often disrupt the delicate balance of flora in your digestive system. Florastor is the only probiotic brand with Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745 which helps restore your natural gut flora.†1,15 This unique probiotic strain can be trusted with over 60 years of use and research worldwide.

Find Florastor® From Online Retailers

Get Florastor® delivered directly to your home by purchasing from one of these online retailers. Florastor doesn't require refrigeration which means the probiotic properties of our active ingredient will be preserved en route to your home.