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The Restorative Nature of Florastor® with Prebiotic Fiber

  • Provides extra digestive support

  • Supports a healthy immune system

  • Complements your active lifestyle

Be Biotic With FlorastorPre®

FlorastorPre® harnesses the restorative nature of Florastor® and blends it with prebiotic fiber from chicory root to provide you with optimal digestive health. The unique probiotic strain in Florastor, Saccharomyces boulardii lyo CNCM I-745, helps restore the natural flora in your digestive system while the prebiotic fiber provides essential nutrients your flora needs to grow strong.† A healthy balance of flora helps strengthen your daily digestive health.

FlorastorPre Supplement Facts

Benefits of FlorastorPre®

  • Helps maintain intestinal regularity
  • Helps nurture healthy intestinal flora
  • Promotes balance of healthy intestinal bacteria
  • Features larger probiotic cells for increased intestinal coverage and protection
  • Helps the body absorb calcium and other minerals from food
  • Supports a healthy immune system

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What is Flora and Why Is It Important?

The microorganisms in your digestive system, such as yeast and bacteria, are collectively known as intestinal flora and they play an important role in the digestive process. Your flora helps break down the food you eat to better absorb water and nutrients. When your flora is balanced, it not only strengthens your digestive health, but it also supports a healthy immune system. Over 70 percent of the immune system is located in the digestive tract which means a healthy digestive balance helps support natural immune response.

What is Inulin or Chicory Root Fiber?

Inulin is a type of fiber found in plant foods such as bananas, asparagus, and onions. FlorastorPre® features inulin from chicory root, a plant that belongs to the dandelion family. The inulin from chicory root is considered a prebiotic because it nourishes the helpful bacteria in your digestive system. Chicory root fiber also helps your body absorb calcium and other minerals from food. By combining the signature probiotic strain in Florastor with this unique prebiotic, FlorastorPre provides more complete digestive support to help keep you healthy.