Flora + Restore = Florastor®

The math is simple. Healthy flora equals healthy digestion. However, maintaining healthy gut flora can be difficult. Stress, travel, diet, and antibiotics can all disrupt the delicate balance of gut flora which can lead to poor digestion. Florastor® helps restore the natural flora in your digestive system, hence the name Florastor. Taken daily, Florastor strengthens digestive balance and supports a healthy immune system.

Let's Talk Flora

What is Flora?

Flora refers to the microorganisms living in our digestive systems. The human body hosts over 100 trillion microorganisms, primarily made up of bacteria and fungi, and they play important roles in our digestion. They help break down the food we eat so our bodies can absorb the water and nutrients they need. Healthy levels of gut flora can also form a barrier along the digestive tract to prevent pathogens, such as viruses, from entering the bloodstream.

Why is Florastor® Unique?

Florastor® is the only brand with the probiotic strain Saccharomyces boulardii lyo CNCM I-745 which has over 60 years of use and research worldwide. It helps restore your natural gut flora to strengthen your digestive balance and support a healthy immune system. The probiotic cells in Florastor are bigger and stronger than many other probiotics which means they are not only capable of surviving harsh stomach acids, but also providing increased coverage and protection.

Find Florastor® From Online Retailers

Get Florastor® delivered directly to your home by purchasing from one of these online retailers. Florastor doesn't require refrigeration which means the probiotic properties of our active ingredient will be preserved en route to your home.