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Introducing the Flora-Stories Blog!

Do you find the world of probiotics confusing?

Probiotics and wellness seem to be in the topic of every conversation these days, but each conversation is providing different information. We’ve all been in that confusing space and that’s why the Florastor Team is here to help.

Announcing our new blog, the Flora-stories. We want to be your go to source for all things gut-health related. Whether you want to know about the difference between the gut and microbiome or if babies can take probiotics, we’re here to address all your concerns and any probiotic myths and misinformation out there.

We’re here to support you and your family’s wellness needs, so don’t be afraid to drop us a note about what you’d like to learn more about! We thank you for joining us in this journey and look forward to hearing your feedback. Check in tomorrow, July 2nd, for our first blog post discussing the differences between the gut, microbiome, and microbiota!