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Florastor Is Proven Resistant to 16 Common Oral Antibiotics

In a recent study, Florastor was the only probiotic proven resistant to all 16 of the most common oral antibiotics. That’s because most other probiotics are bacteria-based so they are susceptible to the effects of antibiotics.

Florastor® is a different kind of probiotic. It’s yeast-based, so it’s naturally resistant to many of the most common oral antibiotics.† That means you can take Florastor with oral antibiotics and still get its digestive balancing and immunity boosting action in your gut when you need it most!†

Take Florastor Together with Antibiotics for Digestive Health

Find Florastor® From Online Retailers

Get Florastor® delivered directly to your home by purchasing from one of these online retailers. Florastor doesn’t require refrigeration which means the probiotic properties of our active ingredient will be preserved en route to your home.